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Tatra Around The World 2 — Interview

Tatra Expedition Truck

Most of us love travels. Each of us does it in a million of different ways. While I would call our caravanning & vanlife experience an easy one, there are people seeing such travels as beyond possible. Tatra Around The World is an expedition trying to get as far as possible with an expedition truck — to circle the globe around.

Homeschooling on the Road

homeschooling and vanlife

We travel a lot & with two kids. The most common question people are asking is about them and their schooling approach. I must admit, that before the school age, we thought that the camping road trips will simply end when the kids begin to attend the first grade. And we would return back to traditional living. But, it didn’t happen! So let’s see what is possible to keep the rewarding lifestyle.

Halkidiki in a Van 2019 +Tips

Halkidiki Vanlife 2019 - Greece

New campervan blew a fresh wind to our travels. After one autumn dinner with inspiring American travel families we have finally switched to a van. The length of our home on wheels shrunk from bold 12 metres to 6 metres. And we returned to Turkey, Thasos & explored Halkidiki for the spring. It was mind blowing.

Why #Vanlife With Family

We truly love travels. That has always been the shining theme of our lives. Vehicles have changed over the years though. The biggest upgrade of our camper family travels yet is here. After 7 years of Europe exploration with a caravan trailer, we are buying something radically new — a van.

How to Buy a Roof Top Tent +Tips

Roof Top Tent Cheap

We’ve criss-crossed Europe from west to east with our travel trailer & our car. This time we tried to gear up to something more adventurous. After checking vans and pickup-campers from various manufacturers, we fell in love with a rooftop tent mounted on our 4×4 pickup truck.

Relaxing Spain & Portugal 2018

After travelling the Europe south from Morocco to Turkey we’ve returned to our favourite country & geared up. Spain offers delicious food, positive people, best weather and a million of attractions including the almighty sea & beaches. This year was the most relaxed and we’ve tried a rented house & shared apartment.

From Middle Class to Happy Hippie

Middle Class to Hippie

Since the first caravan trip we’ve been on the search for the absolute zen happiness. Honestly, while we were travelling, there were many moments that we’re not proud of. Still there were much more of those, that we remember in our hearts. After 6 years of travels we can say we’re in the zen. Let’s dive into the journey of a middle class couple turned into a hippie family.

Nomads: A Family With Children Travels in a Caravan Across Europe

Caravan Family in Turkey

We parents and our children have traveled a lot, so we could say that we are that strange family from a caravan. But for us, we are still Vita, Renata, Magdalenka and Viktorka Valka. Vita works as a freelance User Interface designer, and our journey has led me to the profession of a virtual assistant.

Top 10 Books & Movies for Digital Nomads

Pulp Fiction

I’m sure that if I haven’t read these books and seen these films, I wouldn’t be where I am now. They were a fuel that empowered my search for a better life, for more balanced values and feasible targets. Books & Movies are like a power-blast in a video game. They speed things up.

Most Important Camper Equipment

the camping gear

Do you travel in a mobile home, live in a van, or pull a caravan around the world? Every home on wheels needs its equipment, which will make the travels an even better experience. These hacks will also enhance your safety and comfort. Our family’s travels began a long ago and we are minimalists.