About Us

We are Vita, Renata & two kids. Family of four, enjoying part of the year on the road. Most often we travel around southern Europe while working on digital projects and investing the leftovers to future projects.

It all started in summer 2011. After many usual vacations, we did a road trip around Europe with our first baby. At that time we realized, that travelling with kids is a lot more complex. After about a year a crazy idea was born and a few moments later, we bought our first caravan trailer.

Caravan Family - Vita Valka
Our Caravan Family in 2013

Since then we have gathered extensive knowledge, been featured in magazines, on TV and in online media and we started being serious about this. Camping became our new joyful lifestyle. Since 2012 we have been all around southern Europe. From Morocco, Spain & Sicily in the east, to Greece & Turkey on the west.

Actual Map of Our Travels

Now, after two British caravan trailers and Toyota Hilux converted into an overland expedition vehicle with roof top tent we have a campervan made in Germany. Compact and well equipped solution for long-term slow travels.

Somehow we’ve joined the digital nomad movement and we love it. It’s not easy to manage our lives on the road. But it gives us so much happy moments in return. It benefits us as well as our kids and that’s more than anything else. Life is for the living.

Here is our story in a series of early articles.

Articles About Us Online

How about you? Do you you work online? Try it. Feel free to ask me for an advice about road tripping in Europe. I’d be happy to help.

Also, check-out my business website vitavalka.com on UX & webdesign.

Note: The website is somehow constantly under construction and should, over course of several years, become a resource for camping & caravanning. Please bring in any ideas or suggestions. We would be more than happy to improve the site with you.

Status: We’re almost done with initial set of articles

  • July 2019 — After 3 months in Greece, I have looked at the traffic statistics and it truly surprised me. The site makes 70-100 visits a day, and Instagram is at 800+ followers. Thank you for all the support everyone. I will try to work harder to help you more.
  • Dec 2018 — After a few weeks in Croatia, I’ve finished the longest article so far, about what Rooftop Tents should you buy. And! Big news! We kind of unexpectedly decided to buy a family van and join #vanlife and so we are selling our Bessacarr Cameo 525 SL and switching to, hopefully, final type of travel vehicle → a van.
  • Mar 2018 — We are in Spain. Half of the original articles are translated from Czech to English and I’ve recently wrote a little guide on which books I recommend. And I’m working on a trip report from Spain.
  • Dec 2017 — Published first 9 articles on the blog. Searching for translators. Registered domain campergear.com for yet another idea.
  • Oct 2017 — Switching to WordPress and created this About Us page. Consulting the best approach to all this with more experienced friends.
  • Feb 2016 — Publishing main website structure with menu idea and a few links. Setting up list of todo’s and freeing up some time to do this.
  • Autumn 2015 — Registering domains gurucamper.com and camperguru.com for this fun project.
  • Since 2012 — Our family is camping around Europe in our first caravan and blogging in Czech language.

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