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Greece & Homeschooling in Caravan + Bonus

Meteora 2017

In the spring of 2017, for the first time we set out into the cradle of our culture – Greece. And for the first time, we have a new challenge, homeschooling, because one daughter is already going to school.

Caravaning has divided our life into two worlds

Camper Volkswagen California

Stana Wolfova is the editor in chief of the online magazine Brainstorm, which offers articles about traveling, studying abroad and whole lifestyle for young people aged 18-26 years. Given the theme of the magazine it’s not very surprising that Stana likes to travel.

The Rules of This World Are Not Made by Anyone Better Than Us

Vita's family in Mostar

Nomads are people, whose lifestyle is based on constant travel and moving from one place to another. In the community of freelancers the term „digital nomads“ is becoming more and more common. It is a lifestyle, although it always doesn’t need to be for the whole lifetime. People who can make living simply by their ability and talent, together with a notebook and good Internet connection, have the possibility of traveling around the world while working. One of the first digital nomads in the Czech Republic is Vitezslav Valka, graphic and web designer. He goes on the road each year for several months, along with his wife and to daughters. They travel across the Europe in their caravan.

What Is the Most Difficult Thing About Being a Digital Nomad?

Vita Valka and Camper Family

What is the life of some famous Czech digital nomads? How do they combine their job and free time? What tools do they use? And what do they gain from their lifestyle? Those are some questions that Martin Kavka asked few modern nomads for Czech online magazine about traveling. I happened to be one of the nomads.

Traveling helps me to gain perspective

There is this great travel festival in Prague, called SlowTravel. It’s hosted by very popular czech website about traveling – TravelBible, who also published many books. I was invited there to do an interview. They asked me many interesting questions about how we travel and I decided to translate their article for you. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Boondocking On a Caravan

Porto in Portugal - Boondocking

Boondocking on a caravan isn’t the same as wild camping in a tent or a 4×4. But you can still avoid campsites and go to Stellplatz free car parks and charming sleeping spots that aren’t crowded.

Porto and Madrid 2016

Porto City

Sixth caravan trip & unprecedented challenge. Funds before setting off on this trip was not in our favour. So we set a logical goal → we will measure how much our caravan life costs and we will try to sleep outside campsites and do boondocking (sleeping anywhere) as much as possible.

Why I Left a Well Paid Gig

Blue Dandelion

A ton changed in my priorities since 2012. I’ve fixed cashflow & step by step I’m fixing overall net worth. I’m paying attention to the fact, that life’s short and there’s a reason to not work as hard as it is technically possible.

Life Priorities from Caravan

travel priorities

You are asking me and Renata how caravan has changed us. If it really works the way we write. Of course! Our life has improved in many other areas. All tricks, we have found, are in this article.

Mediterranean Zigzagging in a Caravan

Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca — largest mosque in Africa

Spring 2015. After trips to Croatia, Sicily and Turkey, we’ve taken our caravan family to the western part of Europe. And took a little side trip to Morocco. We left home in early April and were back in late July — over 15,000 kilometers of adventure. The longest trip we made.