Highway Tolls with Caravan in Europe

Highway Tolls

The truth is, that the toll roads with a caravan, do not pay off. You drive 80 km an hour, the same as on lower class roads and you pay way higher tolls than a regular car: 150–200% of the price. If you a have new trailer certified for 130 km/h, you are better off, but the fuel consumption surges up.

Toll Gate in Europe

There is not that much to experience on highways. But it can help, if you really don’t have time. Also, if you want to sleep in a parking lot, paid highway in general is a safer place than publicly available road.

List of countries

Bulgaria – vignette

  • You pay not only on highways, but also on vast majority of other roads
  • 7day vignette for €5, month for €13 and year for €34
  • Detailed information in English on aebtri.com

Czech republic – vignette

  • You need vignette only for the propelling vehicle
  • 10 days for 310 Kč (€12), month for 440 Kč (€17) and year for 1500 Kč (€60)
  • RV over 3.5 tons pays the same toll as a truck (trailer/caravan is not counted towards the weight)
  • Prices and info at mytocz.cz

France – toll

  • Personal vehicle with a caravan is Category 2
  • In general, highway costs the same as gas
  • For most highways in France you have to pay
  • Count around €14 per 100 km
  • Typical route from Mulhouse to Spain costs around €110
  • From Belgium via Paris to Bordeaux you pay around €105
  • Details at tolls.eu/france

Road in France

Croatia – toll

  • Count 40 Kuna (€6) per 100 km of highway
  • Personal vehicle with a caravan is Category 2
  • Route Zagreb > Split > Dubrovník costs around 295 Kuna (€38)
  • Bridge to Krk island costs 40 Kuna (€5.20)

Road in Croatia

Italy – toll

  • Italians distinguish one-wheel (Category C) and two-wheel caravans, which are 60 percent more expensive (Category D)
  • Count around €8 (€11) per 100 km of highway
  • From Switzerland to the sea one-wheel costs €19.20
  • From Tarvisio near Austrian borders till Veneto further €22.60
  • Details at tolls.eu/italy

FastFood Truck in Italy

Hungary – vignette

  • Prices for vehicles up to 3.5 tons are the same as for vehicle with a caravan
  • 9day vignette costs 2975 HUF (€10), month for 4780 HUF (€17) and year for 42 980 HUF (€145)
  • Mišo comments (9-2016): In Hungary, if you are using a SUV (Mercedes ML, Hilux), for driving your caravan, you pay for your car as for N1 and caravan costs the same as a personal vehicle.
  • Other roads are not in best conditions

Morocco – toll

  • Trip from Tangier to Casablanca around €16 including caravan
  • With a good chassis you can drive on older roads, but count with speed around 10-20km/h, tarmac often disappears completely

Germany – free

  • In 2014 they still should be free
  • In 2018 they are still free

Poland – toll

  • With caravan you pay around 200% of a personal car
  • From Rzepin to Konin including caravan costs 121 Zloty (€30)
  • From Konin to Lodž 0,10 Zloty (€0.3)per km, cash only
  • Details at tolls.eu/poland

Austria – vignette

  • You need vignette only for the propelling vehicle
  • 10 days for €8.5, month for €24.8 and year for €82.7

Highway in Austria

Greece – toll

  • Count with €8-12 and more per 100 km of highway, mostly cash only
  • Car with height over 2.2m and with a trailer costs about three times more than a personal car
  • Toll gates are often at guerrilla places, so you often spend more than you have to
  • Bridge Rio-Antirio in 2017 cost €20 including a caravan, €13.3 for personal vehicle, cards accepted
  • Details at tolls.eu/greece

Romania – vignette

  • Cost is the same for personal car only as for a personal car with a caravan
  • 7day vignette for €3, month for €7, three-month €13 and year for €28
  • Details at tolls.eu/romania

Slovakia – vignette

  • Propelling vehicle has to have a vignette
  • Caravan has to have a vignette as well, if the whole vehicle is over 3.5 tons. Both are applied to propeller vehicle
  • RVs over 3.5 tons pay toll
  • 10 days for €10, month for €14 and year for €50
  • Prices and info at ndsas.sk

Slovenia – vignette

  • Up to 3.5 tons up to 1.3 m over front axle: 7day for €15, month for €30, year for €110
  • Up to 3.5 tons over 1.3 m over front axle: 7day for €40, month for €80, year for €220
  • If you just travel across to Croatia it does not pay off to use highways

Spain – toll

  • One-wheel caravan is Category 2 (170% of Category 1), two-wheel caravan is Category 3 (200% of Category 1 price)
  • Count around €16 (€19) per 100 km of highway
  • Only small portion of highways are charged. Mostly near French border, southern Spain and greater Madrid – places where tourists go.
  • From French border to Barcelona highway costs €14
  • Section from Barcelona to Valencia costs €32
  • From Valencia to Alicante for €15
  • Details at tolls.eu/spain

Highway in Spain

Serbia – toll

  • Count around €6-8 per 100 km of highway
  • Credit cards accepted occasionally
  • Car up to 3.5 tons is category 2
  • Through Serbia to Bulgaria around €20
  • From Serbia to Hungary it is better option to use Tompa Crossing via old road, highway takes longer

Switzerland – vignette

  • 2pcs of year vignettes per 40 CHF (€33)
  • Vignette necessary both for a car and a caravan
  • Tunnels Großer St. Bernhard and Munt la Schera are charged

Turkey – toll

  • HGS label costs 6 TRY and minimum credit is 30 TRY. Advisable to buy them at Ptt stations (located on higher toll gates and in cities) or at some Shell stations. It is hard to know your balance and the balance is not 1:1 in TRY
  • Bosporus bridge in Istanbul is paid via HGS label as well
  • We advise to top up balance with around €20 per 1 200 km.
  • Ferry for car+caravan over Dardanelles costs 45 TRY (€11), goes every 45 min
  • Ferry to Gokceadu €35, Bozcaada ferry €50 (including passengers)

Toll Gate in USA

Important notes

Our procedure is that we are driving with a car without our caravan in the morning and in the afternoon we are making our way on the highway. If we are driving with a caravan, electronic navigation often picks route on lower class routes as the fastest and it is shorter as well. But the gearbox likes highway more.

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